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Do you want your guard to get along better? Do you just want to hang out and have fun? Here are some activites that will do the trick.

1.Rent a limo (after school sometime before a football game is the best time to do this)
2. Have a sleepover (Don't forget the junk food and guard videos)
3.Make up a dance to one of the band's songs. (go to Songs we sing in Marching Band/Guard)
4.Make up a song to sing during football games. 
5.Make your own guard t-shirt that has your names and inside jokes on it.

6.Make ribbons w/your class and name on it (school colors of course)

7.Get a song you all like and do a routine to it and perform it during a talent show.
8.Go to Denny's at like 12-1 a.m. after a show/competion and practice only laugh so hard that your stomach hurts the next day along with everything else in your body!

9.(With a winterguard) about 10 minutes before the show, find a dark corner or hallway, and sit in a big circle holding hands with everyone. Have a cd player in the center of the circle. everybody should close their eyes, and imagine the show in their heads while listening to the show music. this really does help to create a better bond with the show.

10.We have secret pals. Each person writes down a list of their favorite things, put the list in a hat, and then you draw someone else's list. You get them a small thing (usually under $5) before each performance that relates to something on the list or your show theme. This helps you to get to know each other better. Reveal who your secret pal was at your end of year party.

11. During the holidays and during the day after practice have a floor cleaning party and play so music (it is really fun and you bond) then that night pick a resurant to go to and have dinner and a gift swap( anther great bonding momment!! you really get to know alot about the other people in the guard) and you should have alot of fun even invite the instructors!!!

12. Find a somewhat slow song and keep it as your guard song and sing it or listen to it before every competition.

13. To get along better, keep an envelope on the guard room door and keep it for a place where people can write down suggestions for the guard and some frustrations that you may have. Trust me, it works! Me and my guard members not only get along better, but we don't get frustrated anymore.

14. This takes awhile, but it was so vital. We had everyone say what upset them about everyone one the guard, not all at once but like one person, then each person says their problems, then the next person etc. We knew it was serious and we were not trying to be hurtful so no one was hurt.

15. Let the instuctor know what we were having problems with so he came up with the idea of a cg journal, in the journal we write down what we did in practice and what we had problems with, then we have to right how we worked on our problems over the week or till our next practice, and so far it has worked cuz the instuctor collects them and reads them so he can help try it out it could help your guard get better

16.Adopt a mascot, dress it in your uniform, name it, take turns keeping it at home. Have the mascot travel with you and attend all practices. Place ads in competition programs from the mascot, or to it. Send message grams to instructors or guard from mascot, or to it. This is a very fun thing to hear when announcers say " To (guard's name), from (mascot), good luck!!! Don't name it a normal name, because then people think its from another person and it takes all the fun from it.
17.Another message gram trick, send inside jokes to the guard or other guard members, this is already done I know, but just in case.... no one knew to do that.

18.Any traditions work out really well. Keep them going, and add more to each season. It gives everyone something to look foward to even in a not so great season.
19.Our guard has a bonding box that we use at long practices when we take lunch breaks. We sit in a circle and one person pulls a question from the box, reads it and answers and then pass the question on to the next person until it gets around the circle. Then the next person in the circle pulls a new question and it goes around again, etc. The questions are just informational questions that tells about yourself. For example, "what is your favorite color?", would be one of the questions and other simple questions like that. "what's your favorite movie?"
20.every time before a show our guard gets pixi-stix and we all eat them at the same time. After we eat them we put the wrappers down our uniforms, its a whole good luck charm. Then about half way into the season we found a trick that helped us stay calm and not drop, if we all drop together before a show we learned that we are more confident about our tosses and we don't drop durring our show!

21.You know the cones that mark "over the world"...well each member of the gaurd should get a stuffed animal of some sort and decarate it and have all your friends sign it or what ever, put good luck charms on it. Now use those stuffed animals as your cones. We had so much fun making then and they are our good luck charms that we can bring on the court with us.

22.Play the knot game. get in a close circle with your amrs in the cirle, and grab a hand with each of yours, and untangle your self. This works well when you are stressed, or need to get pupmed up. It also builds teamworking skills.