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AIR-FLAGGING IT - when you do your routine minus the flags or other props, just the movement, an imaginary flag/rifle/sabre, whatever. Usually done at practices
BAND GEEK- one who lives in the band room, is obsessed w/ band, and is crazy
metal in the top of a crutch tip that weights the flag
BOOB TWIRLER-someone who dose drop spins up high at their chest
BRAIN FART- any mistake made by a member of the guard
BRAIN SUCKING- when a guard member does not know the works and she watches others to do the work 
BUS MACKING- extreme flirting that goes on riding home after a great competition
BUTT- rubber at the bottom of the pole
BUZZ KILL- when you expect a great guard show, and it turns out they suck
when flag work is totally not together and it looks like you can drive your car through it
CATTLE GUARD- derogatory term for the guard
CG's - short for colorguard
CHICKEN WALK- jazz runs
CLAM-A MISTAKE- someone who is making alot of mistakes is said to be eating clam chowder
COLOR-G - short for Color-Guard
don't come in uniform
for one to squat down and take a knee during practice
CORN COB- someone who walks like they march, even when football season is over
CORNDOG- when the flag gets stuck over the end of the pole
DIAG- diagnal
DIVA - a person who can utilize ANY piece of equipment and use their body as well to make it look like an effortless thing
DOUBLE TIME- spins where you do down flat, up flat...
DO IT UP-to do well, kick ass
DOUGHGIRL- name given to one who is gasping for air after warm up or stretching
1.)Usually the routine 2.)Also could be a warm
up 3.)Or a set in a song

DROP SPINS- the fundamentals to work, up and down spins
DUMMERS- term used about the drummers
DUM-DUMS- same as dummers
DOWN SYNDROME- when you sit down for a long time and can't get back up
ELVIRA- the one guard senior that always yells at you
FAKE IT- to look like you know the work, while trying to remember drill at the same time
FISH- when a saber wobbles in the air
FLAG FEATURE- intense, unison flag work together.. no solos
new recruits to the colorguard (otherwise known as "newbies")
FLAGGOT- nickname for the guard, a member of the band who wants to secretly join guard, and can do the work better than us
what happens when a weapon can't hold back, and the entire work gets watered down
FUNDIES- fundamentals
HELICOPTER- parallel toss
KANGAROO- a person who bounces, or jumps while jazz running
LACKADAISICAL- unfocused, zoned out
to remind each other to keep your heads up! (at an 'L' angle if you put your fingers in an 'L' shape and hold it up to your chin)
guard members (or band) that justs isn't giving their full 100% during practice....talking or not rolling feet...etc...
the drum major who is a puppet for the band while the drummers and guard really keep the band together
the part in the show where you just stand there and spin, no marching
PEGGY SPINS- double time spins except you grab over and under instead of flat
RIFLE SQUAT- to sit down and lean on the butt of the rifle
RIPPLE- when something isn't together but is suppose to be
ROCK THE FLOOR- perform 
ROOKIES- people new to the guard experience
When the silk of the flag wraps itself around
the pole no longer exposing it

SHITTAY- a grand pleay in second position while sticking your butt out like you're going to the bathroom
SHUT ER DOWN- to end practice
SILK- the flag
the girl who leaves a huge hole between them and the next person and never fixes it
SPEED SPINS-double time (down, parallel, up, parallel)
STIR THE SOUP- like a crazy 8 (front 45, back 45, cross over, shoulder hip)
STOPPER- rubber end of a pole...holds the bolt in place
URINATION VACATION- when someone goes to pee and never reterns
WALDO- the person who wanders off and nobody can find him
WONDER GIRL- the new guardie who totally blows you away, can toss a 6, & gets captain her first year

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