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My friend's older sister was on the dance/drill team in high school, and since I've danced since I was three, I thought it sounded like fun. When I got to high school several years later, it had become a color guard a couple of years before. At the first clinic, we watched a fall and a winter guard video from the past seasons. I just fell in love with the activity. It just looked so awesome that I knew I'd have the time of my life. That was my freshman year, and now I'm a junior. Color guard is a huge part of my life (cuz we all know how much time it involves!!) :) and I love it!!

As a little kid I use to watch the high school football games and when the half time show came on I only watched the flags. I thought it was sooo cool. Then when I got into 9th grade my friend and I decided to join guard. We were already practicing spinning with our pencils, brooms, mops, etc... LOL, I even made my own flag out of a mop. I got started in colorguard because my boyfriend was a trumpet player and he wanted me to try out so i did, then we broke up but i stuck with it and it is the awesomest thing in my life! It is so much fun and a great way to spend Friday and Saturday Nights.

When i was a freshman, i joined marching band, playing the clarinet. Most of my friends were in the guard, and it looked like tons of fun. So when marching band was over, and indoor season rolled around, i joined the indoor guard. I loved it! In fact, i was planning on being in the guard for marching band in the years to come. Unfortunately, my parents didn't like the idea and neither did my band director. So I've been alternating - marching band as a clarinet player (and this year, section leader), indoor guard as a flag/sometimes weapon. It's really cool b/c I've gotten the best of both worlds. I'm a senior now, and i don't regret the fact that i haven't been a full-time guard girl in the least bit.

I didn't start with color guard. I was in marching band my freshman year, and knew nothing about guard at all. I just kept looking at the girls (there where no guys in colorguard that year) and saying, what are they doing, why can't I do that. I got jealous because they got to where nice uniforms compared to the band uniforms. So when our director told us there was a sing up sheet for winter guard, I jumped at the chance. It was a long hard fight with my mom to let me join because I was involved with student government, marching band, concert band, a magnet program for the arts ( this was on my major trumpet), and I had been babysitting three kids for my mom every day after school. But eventually she gave in and now, in my sophomore year, I am captain of the Gibbs high school's Endeavor ( Gibb's b~guard). I am proud of them and hope they are proud of me!!

In 8th grade my band teacher made an announcement to my band about the local high school's new winterguard program. My friend and I decided to try it out. Lo and behold, we fell in love with the activity (actually us guard girls call it a sport), and actually made the winterguard. Then, in the fall, we were 2 of the 10 freshmen in the entire marching (since the band is only sophs, juniors, and seniors). I've had a great guard experience so far

In the beginning, I didn't want to be on colorguard. I was an 8th grader marching with the high school band. I was a good marcher and a good clarinet player, but I couldn't do both at the same time. The director yelled at me during every practice, because I couldn't stay in step. One day, he held me after class and told me I was joining the colorguard the next year. I did. I've been on the guard ever since. I served as captain for three years and wrote the flagwork this past year, my senior year. I even managed to stay in step. 

 I was in Marching Band and then I've always heard the girls say how much fun Winter Guard was and I begged my parents to let me try it, they did and I fell in love with it, I always had my moments when I wanted to quit but my boyfriend said I would regret it if I quit then, even though we have broken up, I put everything into my performances. I even quit Marching Band for Color Guard. Which in the end he was right, I would have regreted it if I quit.

When I was in marching band my freshman year my friend and I were amazed by the color guard and wanted to do it. So we ended up spinning and tossing whatever we could find. I got so hooked on guard I am now marching for the Northern Arizona University Marching Band (Go Lumberjacks) in Flagstaff, AZ. I am totally loving my choice now and i now have 19 sisters and 3 more brothers and we are close (We include the twirlers also). We help each other out with anything they may need.

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