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Colorguard Corner
Let them help you


Let them help you
Songs to perform to
Colorguard is...
Way's to tell you're in guard
Things to do with your guard
Embarrassing Stories
Dictionary of Guard Slang
Colorguard Purity Test
How you got started
Q and A
Best thing about guard
Contact Me/About Me

Need help finding a good fundraising program, hotel and things like that? This page should help!
*More items to come soon* is a great fundraising site and very easy to use.

Need to Raise Money? Click Here !

Get your colorguard music from Tower Records where you'll find a huge selection of various kinds of music.

What's In at Tower!

Get your guard some cool stuff! Lots of fun girlie things!

Free Beauty Samples

Be original and have fun at the same time with these fake tatoos! Wear them at your winter guard competitions or for marching band season. Lots of awesome styles to choose from for a low price. Your guard will have a blast with these! - Tattoo Me Now!

*Colorguard Corner*